Still your mind

Open your heart

Let your true essence shine through!

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Seekers of Personal Growth

Build the muscle of presencing to self and others

Learn to listen from a deeper place

Increase ability to speak in front of people

Realize your potential!


Seekers of Professional Development

Develop your presentation style

Learn how to be present and speak from a deep place of truth

Connect with your audience in a genuine and authentic manner

Give and receive feedback more consciously

Change the world by being yourself

Soul Speaks™ is a deceptively simple process that stills your mind and opens your heart, allowing your true essence to shine through. This unique approach consists of a powerful centering process that has proven to have an extremely powerful impact on all areas of life, both personal and professional. It is based on a humanistic approach to overcoming the fear of public speaking, called, Speaking Circles®, which was created by Lee Glickstein in 1989. But the benefits go beyond that. Soul Speaks™ provides a tangible tool for speaking powerfully and authentically in any area of your life, and enhances the ability to speak and live your truth every day.

Here’s what participants are saying about Soul Speaks:

Soul Speaks has given me the ability to assert myself at work and to speak with confidence, clarity and ease.   

I used to think I was grounded. I did yoga. I meditated. Practicing Soul Speaks is the practice of grounding. The practice of being present to myself…for myself…before anything else. This practice translates to daily life better than any yoga session I’ve done over the past 25 years.   

Soul Speaks is teaching me the ability to settle down into a deeper, more genuine part of myself. Through this process I am building the ability to recognize and access a well of strength, truth and power that I was previously only barely aware existed in me. This experience continues to be enlightening, freeing and empowering.

Soul Speaks is a good match for the experiential learner, and anyone who wants to deepen their intuition, creativity, and connection. It is healing and a blessing for the soul!

Who We Serve

Wisdom Keepers

Elders – If you want to be blessed in your eldership, this is a place for your wisdom to be witnessed, and your story to be heard.

Healers – If you want to tend to your own healing, this is a place to replenish, rejuvenate, and be blessed in your authentic self.

Caretakers – If you need to restore and revitalize your energy, this is a place to take care of yourself and to have your soul tended.

Seekers of Personal Growth

If you want to…

Improve your self esteem and develop a relationship with your essential self

Own your strengths and gifts

Learn how to compassionately witness, and be witnessed by others

Build the muscle of presencing to self and others

Learn to listen from a deeper place

Express yourself more fully and authentically

Develop listening skills, increase focus, and become a better communicator

Increase ability to speak in front of people

Learn to tell your story

Express yourself honestly and openly

Realize your potential

Seekers of Professional Development

If you want to improve…

Public Speaking Skills

Increase confidence and decrease fears around speaking and presenting

Develop your presentation style

Learn how to be present and speak from a deep place of truth

Connect with your audience in a genuine and authentic manner

Communication Skills

Listen more effectively

Communicate more clearly one-on-one and in a variety of group settings

Give and receive feedback more consciously

Increase ability to think on your feet

Become more comfortable and assertive in expressing thoughts, ideas and feelings


I now have confidence in my ability to pause and wait during speaking rather than just pushing through and filling the silence.

Soul Speaks is like dessert for the soul. This gathering connects me to my essence when I’m too caught up in the details of life to do that for myself.

I knew this experience would be deep and meaningful when I registered. Little did I know how brilliant, powerful, and transforming, talking from my extemporaneous soul would be.  Paula and Lizanne are stellar leaders in the deepest sense of what one needs for support, structure, and holding a sacred space to go deep;  keeping it real, bright, heavy, dark, delicious! Here there is space for all of the hues of my humanness. I am forever changed and oh so ennobled.

Soul Speaks is a unique and transforming experience. There is a wellspring of potential available to each participant in terms of gaining insight and awareness.  Personally, I became more and more comfortable being seen for who I am in this safe and positive environment.  Truly a place to expand the consciousness!

Soul Speaks has enabled me to speak in front of people; to organize my thoughts more easily when under stress without being nervous.

It increased my ability to speak in front of people, but it has helped me to develop my listening skills, to stay focused, and to become a better communicator; which helps me in my career to become a better manager/leader.

Soul Speaks is like improv; you get up in front of the room and it’s all up to you. It’s telling a story, but instead of telling a story, YOU are the story.   It’s not just what’s on your mind, it’s deeper than that.  It allows you to express who you are. To speak openly and honestly without feeling intimidated.  Once you have that comfort in expressing your thoughts, ideas, feelings, you can then exude confidence and strength.  Your words become more powerful, allowing you to realize your potential, and that ANYTHING is possible. 

I listen better, and I am less afraid to say things honestly and openly.

Soul Speaks has boosted my confidence and helped me be and act from a more intuitive place.

Your Guides

Lizanne Corbit

Lizanne Corbit, M.A., LPC, NBCC and a certified Hudson Institute life coach. She has been in private practice as a psychotherapist since 1990. Described as “midwife to the spirit” Lizanne believes we are divine in nature and that it is our mission to know, own and claim our deepest essential selves and live with our full presence in the world. Her passion for spirit, soul and essence has guided her in all avenues of her work…

Paula Friedland

Paula Friedland, LCSW, CPCC has been a counselor, certified coach, public speaker and trainer for the past 17 years. She works with people one-on-one and in groups to help them create lives that are truly meaningful, fulfilling, and connected to what really matters to them. She teaches public speaking through an approach called, Speaking Circles® and also co- facilitates a unique and transformative self development…

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